The purpose of 2BORN2TRAVEL is so that ME & YOU can travel the world together! Yes you, reading this right now!

I want you to travel the world with me. Sharing all the amazing experiences it has to offer. Through this site I want to give people the opportunity to travel whether it is literally being along side me or whether you want join me from the other side of this screen.

I want it to be a place where we discover hidden gems, hike mountains and swim in oceans all around the world.

I’ve set up this site to document and share the journey with you guys. I hope that somewhere along the way the site can inspire people to follow their heart and dreams because at the end of the day time is precious.


I’m George, well Georgina but please call me George.

(Only my mum calls me Georgina and that is when Ive done something wrong)

So I grew up in a seaside town called Torquay which is situated in Devon, England.

I love the coast, countryside and love nothing more than exploring the outdoors.

So this is the way my brain functions…….




It’s pissing down with rain I mean torrential rain…….
so in my head that means, lets go for a cycle down the Cornish camel trail.


It is a frosty winter morning…..
Let’s go for a sunrise surf


It’s a sunny summers day…
Let’s hike a glacier in a full length wetsuit


I’m hungry….
Let’s build a fire, catch some fish and cook


This is what I love, I love just waking up and making every day an adventure day.


This wasn’t always my life though, I used to be sat behind a desk 8 to 10 hours a day wishing the week away so I could get to the weekend to go kayaking and wakeboarding or roaming around the moors.


It wasn’t until my 30th birthday on a trip to Iceland (check out inspire by Iceland) that I plucked up the courage to start changing my life and with a few small steps and one massive leap my life has completely changed.


In February 2016 I quit my job and sold everything I owned and I moved into my VW Caddy (Callie the Caddy) and spent the rest of the year travelling the UK and Europe.


At the end of the year I booked a one way flight to India, not wanting Callie to miss out on more adventures, I decided to give her away to a complete stranger so they could continue on the journey of ONE VAN NO PLAN


Now its just YOU, ME and a backpack so lets explore this wonderful world together.

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