This was a Travel Moment lived in India….



Now if you have been to India, you might have also experience this………….



Casually walking down the street and being stopped for a photo with a local.


If you haven’t been to India then just to let you know this is almost a daily occurrence. It’s a nice feeling and one you will surprisingly never get feed up of. (Well I didn’t)


But this one day in Kanyakumari (southern tip of India), I took a ferry over to the Vivekananda Rock Memorial. In the queue for the ferry is where the photo shoots started and from then on in that was pretty much the rest of the day. On the ferry over I had families queued up to sit their children on my lap and have their photos taken with me. Walking around the rock and being stopped every two seconds for photos I actually felt like I was the attraction for the day 😂.


But one of the best moments of this day for me, was the class of children that were so excited to have their photos taken and practice speaking english. Then to sit with them on the ferry back and let them all grab some selfies, was such a fun and heartwarming experience.


Check out 1.35m in the video (this kid was awesome)

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