So this Travel Moment was lived in Norway….


Parking up for the evening and finding a pretty perfect spot…..




After an afternoon of VANBATHING, I headed out to the pebble beach to collect fire wood for an evening brew 👌🏼





all was going well until out of no where this came in…..




Jumping into the back of the Van and watching the lighting bolts strike the tops of the mountains was beautiful and a little scary at the same time.

A quick google of ‘ Will I die if my van gets stuck by lighten??’ I felt a little safer after reading the answers. That was until a local guy pulled in,  jumped out of his car and ask if I was scared. I then started to debate weather or not it was safe to stay here. Fear won and I drove off to find a new parking spot for the evening. After 5 minutes of accidentally driving towards the storm, I found somewhere to turn around and eventually found another park up for the night.




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