Bude – Crackington Haven – 10 Miles


This walk started off reasonably easy, I had a good pace going all the way to Witsands bay. Then I made the mistake of walking across the dunes and beach with the dog. The Dog goes mental for the beach and just never wants to leave.

Once you get of the beach you are faced with a steep hefty climb up a road that seems to last for ever, then a vertical descent before another steep road climb. From then on in it was pretty much up and down most of the way.

I had to face my new found fear of cows again, this time there was a heard of them stood right in front of the gate I needed to get through. Lucky they were only calves and not full size yet. I approached them by talking to them and asking them kindly to move out the way. It seemed to work. Not sure I would have be brave enough to do that had they been full grown adult cows.

Getting down into Crackington Haven I was pleasantly surprised to find a cute little surf beach.

Defiantly going to be putting this place onto my van travel list.

Oh and I also past the 500miles to Poole Sign……. Slowly getting there 🙈


Do you think the cows knew how scared I was…..

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