Crackington Haven – Tintagel – 11 Miles


This was just a truly stunning walk…….. you have a fuck off massive hill to climb pretty much straight away but once your over that it eases of a little bit.

I found an awesome little wild camping spot about half way between Crackington Haven and Boscastle. You will know where I mean if you do this walk, its tucked away high on a cliff, a random large bit of flat land, this is also where I meet a really nice guy. (forgot his name). As I climbed up over the brow of the hill I found him laying there with his head resting on his heavy backpack, shirt off basking in the sun, eating tuna flakes out a tin balanced on is stomach.

He instantly reminded my of the guy out of the film, ‘ Into The Wild. After chatting to him for a while I realised his survival skills weren’t quite on par with the guy out of the film. The night before he had necked 10 Rattlers (Cornish Ciders) and then woke up at 6.30am to start to walk, how he got over that hill hungover I have no idea! He was carrying not water or fluids on him and it had taken him 5 hours to get to where he was, the same walk took me had took me an hour and a bit.

I love the random people you meet out here, their stories and the journey, it’s just so interesting.

Anyway after about half an an hour I set of again and left him to his can of tuna.

I really enjoyed this walk and found even more hidden gems, Bossiney Haven & Beneath Cove, its defiently worth a visit on a nice sunny day.


Check out the video for more….

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