Tintagel – Port Issac – 9 Miles

So what I have come to notice is other than the once in a blue moon flat walk, the coast path should just be renamed “the coastal hills you can climb up, along and the narrow path that over hangs stunning cliff drops, path”. Bit long for a title?

Once again the hills were out in full force on this section. I mention the hills quite a bit, I’m not moaning I swear. I actually really enjoy them, I like the challenge, the views and I actually really enjoy the work out. Some of the steep step climbs I actually like to run up, Some of them I can make it all the way to the top, others not so much.

This walk was very much a walk of steep step climbing, more stunning views and meeting more awesome people! This time it was a lovely couple from Australia, Diana and Scott. I also got to catch up with them one evening for a few drinks, two wonderful people that I hope to one day meet again, maybe over in Australia!

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